Behaviour Modification

 Unwanted behaviours can cause anxiety and stress on your lives. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, pir love and care, and despite their experiences these behaviours can manifest themselves. This can be due to genetic or through learning.

When a behaviour starts to cause a problem for you, or others then you may need some help and support.

A behavioural assessment looks at factors that can affect behaviour and determine the function for the behaviour and create a solution to manage and reduce the issues.

Some of the problem behaviours we can help with:

  • Adverse reactions towards people.
  • Adverse reactions towards other animals and canines.
  • Excessive Barking
  • Excessive energy Levels
  • Reactivity due to fear and anxiety
These issues would benefit from the Naughty But Nice   program.
Other issues we cover are
  • Noise sensitivities (including firework)
  • Phobias
  • Separation-related behaviour.

Behaviour Assessments – £150  includes 3 sessions. The initial assessment via video call, Behaviour Plan will developed and worked with you  in person  and a final session at a later date to monitor progress and make any amendments. 

Further sessions are £45 if required.

Naughty But Nice Six Session Behaviour Plan – £250 

Aimed at dogs that show reactive behaviour, the naughty but nice plan creates calm, improves confidence and flexibility.

You will recieve 1 assessmnet via video call and then five sessions in person plus videos, E books, and support throughout. It is an extensive program designed to reduce reactivity through calmness, increasing confidence and managing triggers and distractions. 


Qualifications and Experience

I hold a Diploma in Canine Behaviour at level 4 and I’m currently studying a Diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour with The International School of Psychology and Behaviour.

Puppy Foundation and Advances Pet Dog Training with APDT UK


Disability Dog Training, Trick Training.

I am continually updating my dog training skills through CPD to keep up with current trends, theories, best-practice and teaching methods.

Dog Training College-Approved Instructor certified to deliver Reactive Rascal Workshops.

I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer.