Behaviour Transformation With Life-Long Results
Using Science-Based, Proven, Effective Training

Is your dog’s behaviour causing you or others problems?

Do you feel lost and don’t know what to do?

Whether your dog is young or old, a new rescue or suffers from a sudden behaviour change, we can help.

Rovers Return offer a bespoke service to transform your dog’s behaviour and your life.

We provide full support throughout the assessment process, teaching you the confidence, skills and knowledge to transform your dog’s behaviour and overcome their fears and anxieties. 

What is The Process?

All of our work involves science-based methods, that have been proven to create results. It is force-free, reward-based training.  

Rovers Returns, 3 step, behavioural assessment process addresses the factors that are affecting the dog’s behaviour, and determine the function of the behaviour for the dog. I can then develop a specific plan to transform your lives

Step 1 = A call to discuss your needs,

Step 2 = You will recieve an assessment form to fill in at home.

Step 3 = The assessment takes place online or face to face. (whichever is appropriate)

Once all the information has been assessed a modification plan will be formed and the transformation can begin.

Some of the problem behaviours we can help with:

  • Adverse reactions towards people.
  • Adverse reactions towards other animals and canines.
  • Excessive Barking
  • Excessive energy Levels
  • Reactivity due to fear and anxiety
  • Noise sensitivities (including firework)
  • Phobias
  • Separation-related behaviour.
  •  Guarding behaviours
 If you are unsure whether your dog’s behaviour will need a behavioural assessment or training please get in contact to discuss your issues.


The exact cost can be determined on completion of the assessment. An example of the cost  :-

Package 1 = Assessment and 2 sessions = £125

Package 2 = Assessment and 5 sessions £240

Further Individual session £55

 I do not offer individual sessions for behaviour modification, without having a behaviour package 


Qualifications and Experience

Diploma in Canine Behaviour at level 4 with the British College of Canine Studies

Level 6 diploma in advanced canine behaviour with the International School of Canine Psychology and Behaviour.  

I am currently studying the geek program with absolute dogs 


I have studied foundation and advanced training with the APDT UK. We covered Disability Dog Training, Trick Training as well as puppy training methods.

I have my assessment for full membership with APDT this year!

I am continually updating my dog training skills through CPD to keep up with current trends, theories, best-practice and teaching methods.

I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer. and a member of the Pet Professional Network. I am certified with scentwork Uk as a level 1 trainer. 

Rovers Return Pet Care