How Often Should I Train my Dog?

No answer to this will fit every dog. Some dogs may need a few minutes several times per day, some dogs a few minutes every few days. But we are continually interacting with our dog which can be used as a training session that doesn’t take any time at all. For instance, recall training. You […]

Aversive Training Information

Aversive Training Information This week the Kennel club posted about their wish to ban E collars. I wholeheartedly support this.  I was shocked, there were many posts supporting their use and criticising the Kennel Club for posting it. E- collar cause a shock, or vibration when a button is pressed to stop whatever behaviour the […]

Why I choose positive reward training methods

Why I choose positive reward training methods Punishment ‘works’ by exposing the dog to stimuli that they do not like. The dog will avoid performing that behaviour again because the outcome is not pleasant. The dog has not learned anything other than by doing A, B will occur so I won’t do A as I […]