Rovers Return Pet Care

Dog training that’s kind,
fair and effective and
best of all fun!

My aim is to make all our training fun and incorporate real-life situations that all dog owners will face.
All classes are based on positive reinforcement methods.

Current classes include:


6 x 35 minutes classes (suitable for all dogs)

This class is based on teaching your dog to search for a specific scent.

Dog scent training is great for mental stimulation, can provide an avenue for boosting your dog’s confidence, improve the bond between you and your dog, and help with any unwanted behaviours that arise out of boredom.

These classes are fun and informative, and you can be sure your dog will leave tired out but happy!

COST: £70
(The price includes full support, homework, weekly email with details and support with an exclusive Facebook group).


6 x 45 minutes classes

These are fun based classes using positive reinforcement techniques to prevent unwanted behaviours, improve current behaviour and burn energy.

It is a unique class which I have developed from client discussions and enquiries on their real life struggles with their dogs.

The main aim of the class is to:

COST: £70
(Price includes video tutorials, weekly email plan of all training plus homework, full support via WhatsApp group with other participants, email certificate – to save the planet and reduce paper trail!)


6 x 45 minutes classes

Each circuit will have a different concept for behaviour to shape your dog’s brain, enhancing their personality and improving the choices that they make.

Suitable for all dogs but it is a more advanced class and some previous training would be beneficial.

The classes consist of 6 circuits. We demonstrate, you practise and then 5 minutes per circuit after which we move onto the next one.

Some weeks will have different circuits and some platforms will be introduced over the 6 weeks.

COST: £70
(The price includes full support, homework, weekly email with details and support with an exclusive Facebook group).


These sessions are specific to your needs, I can work with you and your dog and any specific issues that you require.

Not all behaviours are suitable for 1-2-1 sessions and a behaviour consultation may be required.

Some of the common problems we work on can be:

Sessions are for a maximum of one hour, however, as it is intense some dogs may be too tired and sessions may be shorter.

Single sessions are priced at £40 per session.
3 x sessions £100
6 x sessions £180