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If you are looking for simple, time-saving, effective and enjoyable training techniques for you and your pooch then you have come to the right place!

Has your dog or puppy’s behaviour become a problem?

Do you long to understand your dog better? 

Most owners feel the same, but there is help available by joining one of our courses or programs.

Without training your dog may choose behaviours that they enjoy. Often these are behaviours that you don’t want. Jumping up, barking, and chewing the furniture. 

Train with me and develop a dog that people will be jealous of.

As a trainer, I care about force-free dog training and giving you the most effective methods that transform behaviour. 

I am motivated and you will enjoy my training methods, not only because they are simple, effective and fun they are also easy to implement into your routine, making dog training a breeze for your family. 

When you invest in me you will get real-life dog training, no gimmicks and no fancy courses or unnecessary exercises. 
Whether you invest in a group class, 1-2-1, or a program you receive a clear, detailed and achievable plan to work through in your own time with my full support. 
If you want to join an ethical, force-free trainer who will transform your relationship with your dog then it is simple. I advise a discovery call for 1-2-1 and Behaviour work so that I can offer you the very best bespoke program. 
Book Your Free Discovery Call HERE To Discuss Any Issues That You Have. 
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