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My aim is to make all our training fun and incorporate real-life situations that all dog owners will face. All classes are based on positive reinforcement methods.

Qualified, Experienced and Professional Training Service. We create learning that has lifetime results and transforms behaviour

Thanks for finding us.

Hello, my name is Sam and I am a professional dog trainer. 

I’m a straight-talking, force-free trainer and my mission is to promote positive reinforcement training and bring peace and harmony to families so they can live a long and happy life with their dogs.

I have 2 mini doodles, Bert and Ernie, who are my world.

But they have had their issues, Bert is anxious and Ernie loves everyone! This led to his recall being a problem, and unfortunately, after some bad advice, I used punitive methods to try and stop him from running off. Unfortunately, this led to the opposite, out of fear, he didn’t want to come back to me. From that moment I wanted to learn more and I did. And have not stopped.

 With love, understanding, a long line and hot dog sausages his recall is great!

We are working well and Bert can meet people and dogs and wag his tail but I am always careful that he is confident enough to do this. Building optimism takes time!

They have made me the dog trainer that I am today. 

 I work with busy, hardworking families who feel frustrated and at the end of their tether with their dog’s antics, and are tired of all the embarrassment and staring when their dog acts up.

The thing is, if you do nothing you will stay exactly where you are right now, stressed out and out of control with your dog.

 But if you follow a training plan, designed by me, and put it into practice, follow my ethical training methods, and make time to consistently work with your dog, then you could have the dream family dog that you crave and let go of the daily headache.

Rovers Return also offers 1-2-1 training in the convenience of your home, Group classes,  puppy obedience, concentrating on the key skills that puppy brains need to learn to be a confident, well-rounded dog who makes great choices.

For older dogs, we have fun, targeted advanced dog training and agility classes for dogs that have been through agility foundation with us.

Our scent work classes are fantastic, and we run workshops to tackle pulling and recall issues. 

I just need to make you believe that it is actually possible by helping you see positive results in the first month of working with me



Why choose Rovers Return to train your dogs?

In an industry that is unregulated choose a trainer that has taken the time and effort to gain excellent qualifications. 

A trainer that has been assessed by a professional membership to demonstrate a deep knowledge of dog training using effective results with positive methods and understands both your and your dog’s needs.

Choose Rovers Return.

I look forward to working with you and your dog.

Rovers Return Pet Care