Welcome To

Rovers Return

Pet Care Services and Training Academy.

My aim is for dog owners to be confident in managing their dog’s behaviour and be able to enjoy walking with your dog and have a strong bond and positive relationship.
I have several years of experience with dogs and have learnt so much about dogs from working with them.
I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort becoming qualified and keeping up to date with the most effective methods of training dogs.
I hold qualifications in pet dog training with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers to an advanced level of training.
I hold a diploma in Canine Behaviour and I am currently studying Advanced Canine Behaviour.
I am a Scent Work UK level 1 trainer.
Certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs
I am an associate member with ICAN, a student member of APDT UK, demonstrating that I am sufficiently competent to provide Fun, Fair and Effective Training using Force-Free methods.
I provide a professional Dog Walking Service, Monday – Friday between the hours of 1030- 15.00 walking a professionally assessed  group of 6 dogs (maximum)