Rovers Return Pet Care

1-2-1 Dog Training


Group classes are great but may not be suitable for every dog. 

If you prefer the personal touch then a 1-2-1 program is just what you need.

With your very own Expert Dog Training Coach, You Will Get


Personalised Coaching in your Home. 

Bespoke Training Packages To Fit You And Your Dog 

Reward-Based Reinforcement Training

Games-Based And Obedience Dog Training With A Pro Dog Trainer 

A Full APDT Member

An ABTC Approved Trainer

Detailed Training Guides Are Emailed After Each Session So You Can Refer Back To

E-books For Easy Access To Inforrmation

Single sessions are not conducive to improving behaviour, a minimum recommended amount is three sessions. This will give you a base to begin training then 2 further sessions to add the necessary progression of training to cement it in the dog’s brain and create long-lasting learning.

1-2-1 Training is not suitable for reactive behaviours. If your dog is showing signs of aggression, reactivity, or over-arousal click here