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1-2-1 Dog Training Programs

Bespoke 1-2-1 Program

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If you prefer that personal touch then 1-2-1 dog training programs are for you.

I tailor each program to your individual need and you get me all to yourself in the comfort of your home.

I only offer programs. I don’t do individual sessions (unless you are on a long term membership). 

Programs grow and develop the behaviours that you want and need. Just one session is a waste of your time and money. You will not get the value that you deserve.

Whether you want to work on recall, walking nicely on a loose lead, calmness, scent work, Jumping up or any other behaviours then I can help.

The minium Program is 3 fun filled, informative and effective forty-five minute sessions. 

If you need more then I have a long term membership available (only available after a program) or single sessions are available to top up your knowledge. 

All dog training methods are fun, fair, effective and fear free. 

You will learn how to use the value of food, toys, and you to develop behaviours that you want and reduce those that you don’t. 

When learning is fun it does not feel like a chore and your dog will want to engage with you again and again.