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Scent Classes

I am always trying to keep up to date with current trends in dog and puppy training.

Scentwork is excellent and can have no many uses and benefits for dogs.

A dog has up to 300 million scent receptors which recognise odour molecules, humans have 5 millions so ypu can see how much a dog relies this scense.

A dog takes in air through the nostrils the nostrils flare, opening up to intake the air the scent is redirected to the olfactory system, the slits at the side of the nose expel air, allowing the dog to intake scent at the same time as expelling air.  The scent is organised in the olfactory system and stored so a dog can recognise a scent once it has been detected.

A dogs nose needs to be moist, which is why dogs often lick their noses (not the only reason) mucus is needed on the nose, as odour molecules dissolve in the mucus and transported in the air up tp the olfactory receptors.

Dogs sniff to maximise the detection of odours. When you see a dog sniff the ground you will notice a rapid rate of inhalations, disrupting normal breathing patterns, each nostril can intake seperate scents to the receptors.

Dogs detect odours both direct from the source and as residual odours that persist in an area long after the source has left. Odour molecules are chemicals that can be dissolved in water, and they need to be small enough to be volatile so that they can vaporise and, having reached the nose, can then be dissolved in mucus. (a dog will know where you have been by your scent long after you have  been there)

Dogs also have the capability for excellent odor localization, even in presence of significant background odour, likely due to the larger nasal cavity size as compared to other species

The ability to find the source of the scent, even in the presence of competing odors, makes the detection dog a critical partner in many military, law enforcement, and search and rescue operations.

Allowing your dog to use its nose whilst on walk, for mental stimulation and during play is extremely enriching yo their lives .

We are offering scentwork dog training.

Your dog will be taught to search for a specific odour and area searching for the odour

You will be taught to set up searching

scenting equipment and how to handle

Scentwork will calm a dog down, mentally stimulate and tire out

Fulfill an inherent need for dogs

Enrich their lives and make them happy

Fulfilling inherent needs can be linked to reducing behaviour problems.

All courses are 6 weeks and are for fun not taught to compete.