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"Following advise from a book, I caused Ernie to be scared of me by using a method of punishment, this made me want to find out how to train my dog kindly" Sam Hughes - Dog Trainer

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Are you at the end of your tether with your dog’s behaviour? Or confused by all the jargon from TIK TOK and FB?

Do you long to meet up with friends and family on a nice family walk or chill in a cafe, and enjoy your holiday but feel you can’t because of your dog’s embarrassing behaviour?

I get it, I’ve been there!

My name is Sam, I’m a qualified dog trainer and behaviourist and I have a reactive dog. And I understand and will not judge you or your dog.

Meet Bert and Ernie, butter wouldn’t melt, right?

Wrong. Bert is an anxious dog whose reactive behaviour has recently escalated through my own fault, I got complacent, I got lazy, and I stopped fulfilling their needs. I understand what you are going through. And I can help.

Read all about my reactive dog Bert and his Behaviour Blues Blog and follow our journey about how I am working with Bert to help him cope in this tricky world.

Ernie & Bert are siblings. Ernie hinders me with my training progress with Bert.

Why? Because as puppies I didn’t put training into place for them to be comfortably separated from each other, this means that I have to train two dogs at the same time. Two dogs that have separate needs. This is difficult, it frustrates me but I have to get over that and work with what it is. Letting training slide due to this is not an option for me, or them.

Dogs and ethical, positive reinforcement training is my passion.

Seeing your face, when behaviours improve through the training methods put into place, by you, makes it all worthwhile.

How I came to be owned by B & E

Bert and Ernie came into my life as 12-week-old puppies. I wasn’t a trainer then, but I had always had dogs. I didn’t take them to dog training. I thought I knew what I was doing. 

How wrong I was! I got a book to help me and when Ernie began hurtling across the park to meet other dogs I put a plan into action to stop this. 

Unfortunately, the plan went wrong. Because I used punishment. I had no idea. I thought the book, written by a professional, renowned dog trainer would create my perfect dog! 

The use of punishment created a dog that didn’t want to come back to me. Because I scared him. I was distraught. And I vowed to learn more about dog training.

My Journey Continues

And here I am 8 years later, having completed numerous great courses in pet dog training, scent work and behaviour modification sharing my skills and knowledge with you so you can create a dog that you are proud to show off, walk anywhere confidently and a dog that wants to hang with you. I am level 6 behaviour trained, completed courses with APDT UK and Absolute Dogs, and Scentwork UK. 

This has shown me that my little Bertie isn’t a naughty, aggressive dog that I am embarrassed by his behaviour, but I learned and understand that a timid, anxious dog who has been asking me to keep him safe and give him space from dogs that he doesn’t know. Once I put training into place, there was no need for embarrassment.

How I have Grown

I was once an anxious, frustrated, isolated dog owner who made some bad choices with my dogs. 

Now I run a successful, busy training business, I am a full member of APDT UK a leading professional organisation for dog trainers having been assessed as a fantastic force-free trainer. 

I help clients achieve their dream dog.

You can own your dream dog with my support and knowledge.

If you are reading this and thinking that you could do with that little bit of extra support, feel free to get in touch. I won’t judge you, won’t talk jargon and am never pushy.

I will never give you false hope. There are no magic wands in dog training, but with my bespoke, targeted behaviour plan, or class content, you will see a noticeable improvement in your dog’s behaviour with my support along the way. 

My techniques are designed to be time-saving so you are not spending hours training your dogs.

Work with me and receive exceptional support, whether this is one of my bespoke behaviour programs, 1-2-1 packages or one of our classes. You have got this, and I will be there to listen to your anxieties, triumphs, tears and laughter! Because training will be fun!

You will see wow moments, and immediate results in some areas, but for real, long-lasting results patience, time and understanding are needed. 

My aim is to make training fun, set an easy plan, use a little of your time, (because you are busy!) and most of all a stress-free life!


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