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When To Train Your Dog

When To Train Your Dog Training can be a chore sometimes, for you and your dog, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you or your dog are not in the mood then don’t train. You both need to be in the same headspace to learn. You must be patient, calm and consistent […]

Punishment Facts Not Fancy


Punishment Facts Not Fancy There is a lot of misinformation about what punishment is and how it affects dogs. This article seeks to educate on what punishment is and how it works to ‘change’ behaviour. The use of punishment is unethical and has no place in modern dog training.  I have qualified up to a […]

Bert’s Behaviour Blues – week 2 round-up It has been another great week, with very little reaction or barking.  I know the video is not great, but it is hard filling, watching and feeding. The scenario is that we came out onto a field to 5 dogs in the front and very little reaction (the barking is from the other dogs) […]

Bert’s Behaviour Blues – Week one round up

My week in review This is the 1st week of putting in more effort in both of my dogs, after letting little behaviours slide – leading to bigger behaviours! And an overall lack of enrichment and exercise.  Recap – Bert has always been anxious around unknown dogs, he has never played with another dog (other […]