Stress And How it Affects Learning

Stress! How can the dog’s brain associate something bad in a situation, but not learn behaviour when stressed? What do I mean by this? People always ask me about rewarding during situations where the dog has reacted, many trainers will say it reinforces that behaviour.  This isn’t the case. And I will explain why. Diamond […]

Finding The Right Trainer – who doesn’t use punishment!

Rovers Return Pet Care

How do you know if the dog trainer you choose is not only effective but uses kind methods? It’s difficult to know if the person that you have invested time and money in will be able to not only help you with your dog’s behaviour but also understand why your dog behaves the way that […]

Does my dog want to play?

Play between dogs involves intricate communication, which often we miss, or completely misunderstand what it communicates. When play gets too boisterous it can often lead to fights. This is either because arousal levels are too high or communication has been ignored, and often it’s both. Play begins with behaviour prompts. Some common prompts are a […]

How Often Should I Train my Dog?

No answer to this will fit every dog. Some dogs may need a few minutes several times per day, some dogs a few minutes every few days. But we are continually interacting with our dog which can be used as a training session that doesn’t take any time at all. For instance, recall training. You […]