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Did you know that you can claim the cost of behaviour modification from your pet dog insurance?

Because I am an APDT UK member and hold a level 6 qualification, you are probably covered! Check your policy!

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Reducing Reactivity transforms dogs that show active behaviours towards people, dogs and other stimuli

protective canine

The Protective Canine is a program for dogs that are experiencing reactions protecting toys, food people and other stimuli


Anxiety issues can result in freezing, noise issues, refusing to walk, and generally being scared of everything!


Separation Struggles when left alone, or hyper attachment issues or even if you can’t leave the room!

What is the difference between behaviour work and dog training?

Dog training is dogs and humans learning how to teach behaviours that are repeated. 

Behaviour training is tackling the emotional issues that drive the dog to behave the way that they do. 

How do your dog’s emotions affect its behaviour?

Every observed behaviour is a direct result of the environment that they are in at that time. 

The behaviour displayed is for the purpose of seeking something pleasant or avoiding something they are not sure of or is unpleasant. 

What does this mean?

If the environment, situation or event makes your dog feel good then their behaviour will be repeated in future.

When your dog is happy the behaviours that you observe may be identified as a soft waggy tail, a wriggly bum, a smile, or even barking for instance.

However, when faced with something unpleasant or scary you will see different behaviours.

Sometimes this may be running away to actively avoid, or it may be that your dog freezes, or goes into a barking and lunging frenzy.

Your dog’s brain will identify the most effective way to cope in that situation and the emotional part of the brain will store that event as important and drive that behaviour in similar events.

When you understand that emotions are instinctive and are driven by events you will support your dog when it is exposed to the events that drive the behaviour. 

You can observe your dog’s emotions when you understand your dog’s body language and communication signals and work to avoid them reacting.

Your dog’s behaviours may seem over the top to you, out of context, or plain ridiculous. This is because our brains are different. The dog’s brain is primal and emotionally led, they lack the thinking and problem-solving skills that we have. Your dog is doing what it needs to do to cope with that situation.

You imagined a well-behaved dog who’d be an absolute joy to live with, and loves all visitors, but instead, you’re dreading walks and can’t invite friends over or feel relaxed in your own home.
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I offer a number of programs to modify your dog’s behaviour.

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