The Mind Field Of Which Dog Trainer To Choose

You have made the difficult decision to seek help from a professional for your dog’s behaviour. You may choose to use google, FB, recommendations, or speak to other dog owners at the park. But how do you know who to choose, who will not only have the knowledge, qualifications, and experience but also promote reward-based […]

Stress And How it Affects Learning

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How Stressful Events Affect Your Dogs Future Behaviour   A study in 2007 by Diamond et al 2007 studied memories. Dr Tom Mitchell from Absolute Dogs carried out a 10-year study on canine memories and learning.  Dr Tom Mitchell said Long-term memory is stored  and enhanced by stress, but this is dependent on when the […]

Finding The Right Trainer – who doesn’t use punishment!

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How do you know if the dog trainer you choose is not only effective but uses kind methods? It’s difficult to know if the person that you have invested time and money in will be able to not only help you with your dog’s behaviour but also understand why your dog behaves the way that […]

Does my dog want to play?

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Play between dogs involves intricate communication, which often we miss, or completely misunderstand what it communicates. When play gets too boisterous it can often lead to fights. This is either because arousal levels are too high or communication has been ignored, and often it’s both. Play begins with behaviour prompts. Some common prompts are a […]

How Often Should I Train my Dog?

No answer to this will fit every dog. Some dogs may need a few minutes several times per day, some dogs a few minutes every few days. But we are continually interacting with our dog which can be used as a training session that doesn’t take any time at all. For instance, recall training. You […]

Aversive Training Information

Aversive Training Information This week the Kennel club posted about their wish to ban E collars. I wholeheartedly support this.  I was shocked, there were many posts supporting their use and criticising the Kennel Club for posting it. E- collar cause a shock, or vibration when a button is pressed to stop whatever behaviour the […]

Why I choose positive reward training methods

Why I choose positive reward training methods Punishment ‘works’ by exposing the dog to stimuli that they do not like. The dog will avoid performing that behaviour again because the outcome is not pleasant. The dog has not learned anything other than by doing A, B will occur so I won’t do A as I […]

Scent Classes

Scent Classes I am always trying to keep up to date with current trends in dog and puppy training. Scentwork is excellent and can have no many uses and benefits for dogs. A dog has up to 300 million scent receptors which recognise odour molecules, humans have 5 millions so ypu can see how much […]