Agility Sport Training

Are you interested in training yourself and your dog in agility, but you are not sure what is involved?

The word agility means to change the body’s body position quickly and efficiently. In order to be able to do this, it requires flexibility, speed, strength and balance. 

Agility is a group dog training sport event using science-based positive reinforcement methods. 

The benefits of agility include a strong bond between you and your dog, and improving obedience. Agility uses the natural instinct to run and hunt and improves your and your dogs’ fitness.

It is important that your dog is physically fit, with no injuries. I do not allow dogs under 12 months to jump or weave for safety reasons, however, the techniques can be learned and the course can be run. 

To train your dog for this a foundation class is required.

The 6-week class agility beginners training class teaches the key principles of focus, flexibility, stretching, impulse control, and introduction to the equipment is all incorporated. 

I have equipment suitable for small and big dogs, from a full-sized A-frame, a smaller A-frame suitable for nervous and small dogs, tunnels, jumps, a small dog walk and a see-saw and weave set.

Agility classes are held on Monday evenings in Claybrooke – it is an outdoor event. 

The cost of the six-week course is £80.