Imagine How It Feels Bringing  Your Puppy Home And This Happens


You are able to communicate with your dog and understand how they learn so you can increase the behaviours you like and reduce the behaviours you don’t.

 Know how to recognise the stress signals in dogs and prevent bad behaviours from forming?

 Teach your dog the skills that they need in the real world, such as coming when called, walking nicely on a loose lead or keeping 4 paws on the floor when visitors arrive.

  Feel proud to take your dog anywhere!

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Unfortunately, without training, this is almost unheard of because dogs are dogs they do what dogs do, they bark, they chew, and they like to be chased.

These behaviours are natural and instinctive. Through training, you can change these you just need the support and knowledge of a trainer who understands your dogs.

A trainer that has been professionally assessed by the leading professional standards association. A trainer who can support and guide and develop you through your journey.

That trainer is me!

When you invest in dog training with us you are: 

 Proactive and have a  clear plan of what you want from your dog

Avoid uncertainty about your dog’s behaviour

 Set you and your puppy up for success

 Making Paw parenting a breeze!

If you have a new puppy or an older family dog, or a new rescue and you feel lost and don’t know the best way to manage your dog’s behaviour effectively and want your dog to dog to make great choices then you have chosen the right place!

The Puppy Foundation Class is for dogs who have no experience in training and is open to older dogs who are comfortable in a class environment.

We also offer 1-2-1 training and behaviour modification.

Our adult dog training class is for dogs with some training experience.

Check out the links below to see the current classes that we offer.

Check back with us as there are often pop-up classes!


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