Rovers Return Pet Care

Ethical, Holistic Training thats Fun and Creates Results

Fully supportive, Effective training, using science-based training, for outstanding results for all dogs and owners

Current Classes Include:

Rovers Sniffaton - starts 21/2/2022

This is an amazing class that you and your dogs will love.
Your dog will learn how to search an area and target a specific scent, indicating to you through behaviour where the scented item is!

  • Mentally Stimulating
  • Enriching 
  • Fun
  • Stimulates inherent, natural behaviours that are a necessary part of your dog’s life
  • Add a different layer to your dog’s training
  • Relieve boredom
  • Increase optimism
  • Reduce anxiety

Rovers Foundation Behaviour
Starts 9/3/2022

6 x 45 minutes classes

These are fun based classes using positive reinforcement techniques to prevent unwanted behaviours, improve current behaviour and burn energy.

It is a unique class which I have developed from client discussions and enquiries on their real life struggles with their dogs. 

The class is suitable for puppies and older dogs with little to no training.

The main aim of the class is to:

COST: £80
(Price includes video tutorials, weekly email plan of all training plus homework, full support via WhatsApp group with other participants, email certificate – to save the planet and reduce paper trail! 

Rovers Core FUNdamentals (Pre Agility)

6 x 45 minutes classes

This Class is suitable for all dogs, however, it is advanced and therefore it would be of benefit to have some training experience. 

The aim is Fitness, Fun, and confidence building. 

Once this class has been completed ou will be invited to join our exclusive agility club!

The main aim of this class is :

COST: £80
(The price includes full support, Ebooks, videos and homework, weekly email with details and support with an exclusive Whatsapp or FB group)

Rovers Are On The Pull starts 29/1/2022

A 6-week course to reduce your dogs need to pull and want to be by your side on and off lead.

Some of the common problems we work on can be:

This course works well when you have some time (outside walk times) to practise walking nicely..

£50 for 3 weeks, the price includes exclusive access to the whatsapp group, E books and weekly notes and some videos.

Bespoke, 1-2-1 Sesssion are available in your home. Please contact for details and prices.