Bert’s Behaviour Blues – Week one round up

My week in review This is the 1st week of putting in more effort in both of my dogs, after letting little behaviours slide – leading to bigger behaviours! And an overall lack of enrichment and exercise.  Recap – Bert has always been anxious around unknown dogs, he has never played with another dog (other […]

Bert’s Behaviour Blues – day 4

Day 4! This week I have concentrated on meeting Bert’s needs in enrichment and exercise. I have been walking them 1 x per day for a while and I recognise that the lack of enrichment has contributed to an escalation in his behaviour.  Of course, this alone will not cure the reactivity, but it is […]

Bert & Behaviour Blues Day 1 This video is Bert leaving the house. He does get excited on his walk and barks when we come onto the drive. He wasn’t too bad today. I let the bark happen for the video. What I will not do for this blog is put him into a situation that escalates his behaviour. One […]

Berts Behaviour Blues Part 1! (A brand New Day)

Welcome to Bert’s Behaviour Blues blog. I decided to write this to engage with you about the struggles that we face when having a reactive dog.  It can be isolating, stressful, hurtful and confusing when you can’t seem to help your dog, no matter how hard you try, I want you to know that you […]