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Rovers Kids Club

Kids Club Starting 20/2/23 

Keeping future generations safe.

In 2020-2021 around 1700  children were hospitalised due to dog bites in the UK. The highest number is between 0-9.

Fatalities have more than doubled in the last year.

Dogs generally don’t like conflict. They bite when they feel there is no other option at that time. Many incidents can be avoided when we understand canine communication and give them space.

Understanding dogs and how they communicate is essential to reduce the number of incidents occurring.

Education is the key.

I have a program to help children understand dogs’ intentions and avoid the risk of incidents occurring. 

The Be A Tree Program teaches children how to react when a dog’s behaviour may cause concern and how to greet dogs safely.

The Class has three, 45-minute sessions. It covers

Effective Canine communication

How to behave around dogs

Basic, fun training

How you can interact safely with  dogs

An adult must accompany children at all times.

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Keeping The Future Generation Safe

 Be like A Tree Program

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Keeping Future Generations Safe

Three sessions over 3 days during half term.

An appropriate adult must be present.

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