Rovers Return Training Academy

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Do you feel a sense of dread when you grab the lead and set out for a dog walk? 

You see other dogs walking perfectly with their owners and you want that relationship with your dog?

You can have this! 

I have a program JUST FOR YOU

Invest in this professional program and I will develop a bespoke program that will transform your dog and divert their attention from the environment and redirect it to you, the bad habits will reduce and it will unleash your confidence.

Walk with a pro and discover how to help your dog overcome problem behaviours and transforms their behaviour. 

  • Learn what motivates your dog to pull
  • Learn how arousal affects behaviour
  • Understand how force-free positive reinforcement training can transform their behaviour
  • No aversive equipment will be used

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Dog training isn’t just about training your dog! It’s also about equipping you with the skills and experience you need to feel confident in handling and managing your dog’s behaviour.

The four-week program includes 3 in-person sessions and an online assessment. 

Your dog’s brain does not learn effectively during distractions, so initially, the sessions will be in the home, and once we develop the necessary behaviours we can progress to walking outside.