Rovers Return Training Academy

Puppy Group Classes


Is your puppy’s behaviour making you regret getting your puppy?

They seem cute but they are turning into a land sharks, hanging off the back of your trousers.

Or maybe you just want to help your puppy develop into a happy confident dog?

Then you are in the right place

Rovers Return offers an informative, fun experience that creates a dog that can focus and listen and you will understand your puppy.

You will feel confident taking your puppy to meet friends and enjoys time out with them

The internet and social media often give conflicting information about raising the perfect puppy. 

I don’t teach perfection, I teach you how to develop your dog’s behaviour into what YOU want from your puppy.

I am a supportive trainer and I will make being a puppy parent a breeze!

What’s the point in training out behaviours that you don’t want when you can develop behaviours that you do want!?

That’s what I do.

Develop a dog that is able to focus, regardless of the distractions, and a dog that wants to hang out with you. listens to you and can be calm in different situations.

In teaching this recall, walking nicely, jumping up and those other behaviours you struggle with will be easier to develop.

Daytime classes have now been added to the schedule! Check below for details.

The March 30th Class is now full!

Rovers Puppy Foundation

Daytime And Evening Classes

Six, forty-five-minute classes locally to LE17

Available Classes

Daytime - Wednesday 26th April at 12.00

Evening May 18th at 18.15