Rovers Foundation Puppy Class

Are You Ready To Be Proactive?

Puppies are extraordinary. They are adorable. They are entertaining. They are
also, little troublemakers that somehow manage to turn our world upside down.

Are you in need of some guidance with your puppy?

Do you want to 

🐾 Enjoy spending time with your puppy?

🐾 Avoid Uncertainty?

🐾 Set yourself and your puppy up for success?

🐾 Make puppy training as easy as possible?


Can you spare 5 minutes per day to train your puppy?


If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place.

Maybe your puppy is chewing on everything (including you)?

Or your puppy may be having a hard time with house training?

Perhaps you’re concerned about socialising your puppy, especially now?

It is completely understandable and normal to feel frustration, and disappointment,
and even ask yourself, “What have I gotten myself into?”


YOU are the best owner for your puppy. We can help support and guide you
through all of those puppy behaviours.


We can provide you with solutions that
help you not only sleep better but also feel better, about your relationship with
your puppy and the life you will have together.


 You can register right now and grab your spot on our 6-week puppy-focussed course. But be quick, spaces book fast!

Rovers Return Pet Care

Eliminate your puppy problems and embrace the solutions that lie ahead.

It’s that easy.

The class is held in Ullesthorpe.

There are six, forty-five-minute classes included, plus weekly homework, a private Whatsapp group, video, e-books and full support throughout.



The Next Classes Dates

11 Am Monday 12th September (location TBC but will be LE17)

18.15 Thursday 15th September – Ullesthorpe