Puppy Group Classes

Develop A Calm Dog That People Compliment

 It may not seem impossible right now as they hang off the bottom of your trousers, turning your life upside down. But it can be done. I have done it with my own dogs and hundreds of puppy owners.

If you want to

🐾 Enjoy spending time with your puppy  without being jumped on and mouthed

🐾 Avoid Uncertainty 

🐾 Set yourself and your puppy up for success 

🐾 Make puppy training as easy as possible 

🐾 Learn techniques that are effective and time-saving so you don’t spend hours training 

Then Book This Class

Can you spare just 5 minutes per day to train your puppy and then turn the dream into a reality?

The six-week Puppy Foundation Class guides you to understand your puppy and how to motivate them to make great choices that will last a lifetime.

Targeted exercises develop brain concepts that build the behaviours that you desire. 

Be a proactive puppy parent by choosing a knowledgeable, force-free trainer who cares and understands how hard it is to raise a puppy.

I will guide you through each class, and be there when you despair, saying ‘what have I done?’ Why did I get a puppy?’

Your personal Whatsapp Group is there to answer any questions that you have and get support from the group

Book Your Space As The Group  Fills Fast.

The Next Class Starts 5th January