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I have been where you are, my dog Bert appeared to want to say hello, but out of the blue, he would snap, this escalated and he began running toward other dogs barking and I didn’t know what to do! 

Through understanding, management and force-free training, I have proof that it can be done. 

This is Bert meeting a dog at a busy Donkey Sanctuary in September click here

It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it

dog pic
Credit to The ISCP
Credit To ISCP

Work with me and develop the dog that you and your family have dreamt of.

Investing in one of your own, specific reactivity programs will be the step that you need to manage and improve your dog’s behaviour struggles.

Without professional, force-free training you can unintentionally make the situation much worse and create a dog that is so desperate to feel safe that they bite.

Your dog is constantly communicating to you that they feel unsafe and can’t cope.

I will teach you to understand your dog’s behaviour, manage their arousal levels and how to promote calm and communicate with them and make them feel safe and secure in any event. 

I advise you to book the discovery call before booking your assessment so that we can discuss the best way to proceed.

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There are three programs to choose from.

Assessment only – An online assessment to diagnose your dog’s behaviour struggles.

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The Premium four-week program

Assessment – 1 hour

Behaviour Plan – three in-home sessions lasting one hour each

Informative E-books 

Detailed Behaviour Plan To Work Trough – emailed after each session.

Body Language Guide

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