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reactivity specia;ist

Specialising in Reactive Dog Behaviour

Behaviour Is An Outward Expression Of The Internal Physiological Emotions

Your Dogs Behaviour Struggles Are Communication That The Situation Is A Struggle

If you are like many of my clients you may struggle to don’t why your dog behaves the way they do. 

I get it, I have a reactive dog. And I have spent hours wondering why, and what I have done to make him act this way.

My dog struggles around dogs approaching him and it has grown worse recently. 

But I can tell you that there is hope, together we can work to make your dog stronger, and more comfortable around triggers affecting their behaviour. All you need is some time, plenty of patience and understanding, and me!

I specialise in behaviours that are driven by fear and anxiety


Booking my reactivity program I work with you to design a simple, yet effective plan so that you can transform your dog’s behaviour. 

I take a holistic approach to your dogs behaviour  A full history of your dog is taken, and make contact with your vet where necessary.

From the information in the history document an assessment is completed with everyone involved with the dog. 

 I create your plan and coach you through the plan so that you understand exactly what you need to do. I can send videos of the exercises, written notes and handy resources for you to refer back to.

Your bespoke program is  around four weeks long, however if you need more time then thats fine, you can have longer between sessions. 

Behaviour struggles take time to change. You will be creating a new world for your dog. Their brain function needs to adapt to new, better experiences. 

The program looks to grow your skills in managing your dog behaviour and grow your dogs skills to cope with their villains that trigger behaviour and limit their exposure to these villains whilst we increase optimism and disengagement. 

It is likely that a long-term program may be needed. Once you get them to a stage where disengagement and focus is improved and confidence levels are raised, exposure to the villains need to be managed and transformed so that they can learn to cope with being near them.  After the initial program, you can jump into a longer-term program so that exposure to the new world and the villans can grow.

Due to the individual nature of behaviour, I can’t provide information of what you need for your dogs behaviour to transform.

I need to speak with you  personally to get as much information as I can so that I give you the best level of service for you and your dog.

Get in touch to book your free discovery call and I can provide you with your bespoke plan.

There is no expectation for you to book a program once the discovery call is completed. 

Let's get started today to get you onto your journey of discovery to a bright new dog world

Book Your Free Discovery Call

To get to know you and your dog and help explain how we can help you, we invite you to join us on an informal, free 15-minute discovery call

3x3 method

My methods are a little less traditional than most. I only use rewards-based methods, but I am working on three main components that trigger behavioural responses.

Working with Absolute Dogs and  Dr Tom Mitchell of  PDT geek and Behavet I have concentrated my studies on fear and anxious type behaviours such as separation struggles, resource guarding, and reactive behaviours.

The assessment process determines the emotions that drive the behaviour, many fear-based behaviours are driven by pessimism when feeling threatened stress hormones and adrenalin drive arousal levels leading to reactions such as barking and lunging. Often the dogs find it difficult to come away from the situation and disengage, leading to higher arousal levels and a vicious circle of behaviours.

I seek to educate you on how to keep your dog from reacting, keep them safe from the triggers and work on building up the skills so they don’t feel that they need to react. 

I don’t put your dog into situations to train them.

Behaviour Modification Reactivity Speciailist covering Lutterworth, Rugby, Leicester, Broughton Astley, Enderby, Blaby, Kilworth,East Midlands, Hinckley, Nuneaton, Coventry