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Rovers On The Pull - Reducing Lead Pulling Workshop, Making Walks More Pleasurable With Your Dog


If the answer is yes, then this class is for you!

No matter how or when they pull, training them to walk nicely will help. They may drag you after a scent that they have picked up, or to every dog and person in sight, it doesn’t matter.

Don’t move toward using a slip lead or head halti to promote avoidance to stop pulling. The only ethical, effective way to reduce and stop pulling is through force-free training. 

By identifying the chain of events that creates over-arousal, you can work to reduce arousal levels, create calmness and add fun exercises to make your dog want to hang out with you and not be at the end of the lead throughout their walk.

Practising loose lead walking is initially done in isolation so that your dog can focus. This class will teach you the skills to implement, focus and disengage a key component for your dog not pulling.  

Once this skill is mastered, strategic, steps will be implemented to work on the dog walking nicely by your side. 

The training is designed to use as little time as possible for training and still get maximum results. 

This program will not deliver miracles, but by repetition and capturing walking nicely the behaviour will grow and develop in time so that you and your dog will enjoy walking again. 

The workshop is held over 4 sessions which last 45 minutes

The next class starts on 26th April 2023 at 13.30pm

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