Rovers Return Training Academy

Rovers Recallers A Workshop To Have Your Dog By Your Side So That You Don't Have To Continuously Recall


What is the point in me teaching you to call your dog back?

Wouldn’t it be better to teach your dog not to run off in the first place?

Then you won’t risk dog fights, accidents, or upsetting other dog owners. And you will have control of your dog.

UK law dictates then when in public dogs must be in close control.

This workshop concentrates on your dog not wanting to run off and focus and engage with you when outside. Of course, recall training will be part of the course, but it’s not all you will learn.

Say goodbye to apologising for your dog’s behaviour and say hello to a dog that wants to hang with you. 

I teach you focus and engagement. Fun exercises and games to promote closeness and proximity with your dog. 

The class lasts for 4 weeks 

Rovers Recallers

Book this class starting 26th April at 13.30

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