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Seperation Struggles

If your dog gets upset at being left alone, even if you leave the room then you may need some professional intervention.

Has anyone said to you that these behaviours created separation-related behaviour? 

  •  Spending too much time with your dog
  •  Letting them on the sofa or bed
  •  Cuddling them 
  •  Picking them up


 This isn’t the case. You have done nothing wrong and have not caused this issue.

 How Do You Know If Your  Dog Has Separation Issues?

  •  Filming your dog will give you an idea of what their behaviour is like when you are out.
  •  Studies have found that dogs who struggle with   Separation-Related Behaviours commonly show symptoms within the first 10 minutes of being left alone.
  • If your dog is just bored then destructive behaviour and barking would happen much later.
  • Worried about not doing enough with your dog; is your dog getting enough exercise and having sufficient enrichment? 

Do you feel guilty because they are not giving their dog enough time? 

  •  I will look at this, it’s unlikely to be the driving force behind the behaviour.

Studies have shown that the risk factors for SRB are

  • A Single adult owner
  • Early removal from the mother 
  • Departure anxiety – stress building as you get ready to go out. 
  • Following you around the house
  • Can they eat and drink when alone? If not it is an issue
  • Can they rest and sleep? If not it is an issue.

The underlying issue for SRB is a pessimistic nature and an overall lack of calmness and usually the inability to disengage, particularly from the triggers raising the behaviour. 

Your dog will learn to predict the micro triggers that you are leaving. This creates a physiological, and emotional response, increasing the release of stress hormones that remain in the system and when the triggers continue the circulating stress hormones increase arousal, making it difficult for your dog not to react.

The program will tackles

  • The micro trigger predictions that create an emotional response
  • Promotes Calmness
  • Identify if it’s SA or hyper attachment.
  • Create Independence
  • The pessimism of the situation increases overall optimism
  • Create a plan to help them cope alone
  • Offer full support throughout. 


When You Invest In The Program You Recieve Full Support From an Expert Trainer, Detailed Notes and E-Books, Videos, Knowledge and Understanding and Empathy From A Professional That Understands Your Dog’s Behaviour. 


An assessment is required, and then bi-monthly sessions. (6 sessions in total some sessions may be online).

This program is for dogs that display panic when left.

Behaviours such as

  • Excessive barking
  • Destruction of items
  • Biting and chewing themselves
  • Toileting 
  • Frantic attempts to escape
  • Signs of anxiety before you leave
  • Refusing food
  • Refusing Water


For less severe cases there is a 4-week program where the dog can be alone, but follows you around the home and dresses at being shut away there is still the need for an assessment, and 3 sessions.

The methods used are reward and, force-free methods.


The Separation Struggle twelve-week full program costs £400.

The four-week mini Separation Struggle program costs £200.

If you are unsure of which program is appropriate for you and your dog please book your discovery call  here