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The Anxious Canine

Does your dog become anxious and nervous? This may be during general events with people and dogs. Or it could be noises or even movement?

An anxious dog may show passive behaviours such as

  • Freezing and stillness
  • They may get stuck, frozen at the moment and unable to move, they may snap and growl when things get too much, or soil themselves when scared. 
  • Lip licking
  • Avoidance, such as backing away
  • Showing their teeth

Some of these behaviours can be difficult to see and can be missed.

These behaviours are pessimistic in nature and are a real issue for the dog.

They need understanding and calming support, giving them the space to feel safe. 

A behavioural assessment will help identify the triggers contributing to the behaviour.

When you invest in Rovers Return you receive full support from a professional, expert trainer who understands your dog’s behaviour. You will receive detailed notes, e-books, videos and full support throughout.


The 4-week program

An initial one-hour online assessment

3 x in-home sessions – one hour each