The Protective Canine

protective canine

Does your dog protect you? Or protect food, and toys or show aggressive behaviours when approached when they are resting?

This can be a normal response for dogs, however, it can quickly progress and become unmanageable and scary. 

Addressing the emotion behind the behaviour will help reduce the need for doing it. 

A common misconception is that it is the fear of the item being removed that creates the behaviour.

Often this is not the case. 

A general pessimistic nature, the inability to disengage, and a lack of calm can all contribute to the behaviour.

A behavioural assessment will identify the function of the behaviour.

I will then create a plan to help you manage the behaviours and avoid the risk of being bitten.

The Program Will

  • Reduce the need for the behaviour
  • Increase optimism
  • Promote calmness and manage arousal levels. 
  • Work on the items being guarded
When you invest in Rovers Return You get professional expert knowledge of your dog’s behaviour.  You will receive e-books, detailed notes, videos, and my full support.
Credit To The ISCP

The four-week program consists of 

An Online Assessment – 1 hour

3 in-person, at-home sessions – 1 hour each